Summer paradise in Tenerife

Playa de las Americas has purposely been built for tourism. Thus it is extremely convenient and easy for families and tourists to get around and have an excellent vacation in the area.

Every year more than five million tourists arrive to Tenerife. Of course, not all of the tourists decide to spend their vacation on the southern part of the island, but that region is certainly one of the most popular destinations.

Everything is within short reach on the island. You will find beautiful sandy beaches and clear water close by, as well as a plentiful selection of shops, lots of international stores and a great variety of restaurants that surpass your imagination.

Who would not want to be served on the beach?

The whole area of Playa de las Americas is relatively new. 30 years ago there was no town or tourist in the southern part of Tenerife, where Playa de las America is located. At that time, all tourists took to Puerto de la Cruz on the northern part of the island. But when it was overtaken by sunbathing tourists, constructions started in the southern regions, where the weather is also more stable and a few degrees warmer.

Today, the holiday resorts of Playa de las Americas, Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje have grown connected, and it is hard to know exactly where one starts and the next one begins.

Black sand in Playa de las Americas. Photo:

The black beaches

The perfect climate of Tenerife is what attracts tourists the most, where the average annual temperature is 20 degrees. Therefore, the island, especially the area of Playa de las Americas is getting highly populated.  

The beaches are divided into several small lagoons, encircled by large stones that break the waves from the Atlantic Ocean. The gentle waves make the beaches quiet and child-friendly to secure the environment for splashing and joyful kids all day long.

The first time you visit Tenerife, the colour of the shore might surprise you. The beaches are completely black due to the solid lava, but yet sandy and soft. However, bringing your favourite towel to the black beaches is not recommended. 

Would you like to eat out?

There are truly a lot of tourists in Playa de las Americas. Mostly they come to enjoy the sunshine, eat and party, thus you will find countless places to have a nice meal and chill out.

We would recommend eating out in one of the restaurants a little away from the busy beaches. These venues are not too crowded and still provide a nice view to the water.  

If you want try out real Spanish tapas, check out Sal Negra or Watermelon. These restaurants are located a bit closer to Los Cristianos. If you do not have the opportunity to go there, visit Los Cristianos. The tourist town offers a range of good Spanish restaurants, and the price level is not as high as in Playa de las Americas.

The golden mile er også flot når mørket falder på. Foto:

The golden mile

From Playa de las Americas one passage continues to Los Cristianos and another passage leads you to Costa Adeje. The boardwalk is rather busy throughout the day. Morning walks in the sunrise with the music of the ocean are extraordinary. The seafront is nearly five to six kilometer long. 

Parallel to the seafront is the golden mile, alongside many restaurants, hotels and stores. Wide sidewalks, fountains, palms amaze the eyes and plenty of outdoor dining venues entertain tourists with live shows and amusing music. 

In Tenerife national parks and authentic towns offer programs for those, who prefer having a more active vacation. Nature is so diverse that you feel like you visit several continents on one tiny island.